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Definition of Temperature:

Temperature is a measurement between hot and cold states by a thermometer. Various scales or units are used to measure temperature, the most common being Celsius (denoted °C; formerly called centigrade), Fahrenheit (denoted °F), and Kelvin (denoted K; especially in science).

Abbreviations of Temperature Units:

Unit of measurement: Abbreviation(s)
  • Celsius: C, or °C, or deg C
  • Fahrenheit: F, or °F, or deg F
  • Rankine: R, or °R, or deg R
  • Kelvin: K, or °K, or deg K

Conversion Equations, f(X), of Temperature Units:

Follow the below links if you would like to know and learn more about how to convert from one temperature unit to another using the substitution principle.

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  • NIST
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