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Atmosphere (abbreviation: atm): is a unit of standard pressure, equal to 101325 Pa, or 1.01325 bar.

Kilopound Per Square Foot (abbreviations: ksf, or kips/ft2): is a British (Imperial) and American pressure unit which is directly related to the ksi pressure unit by a factor of 144 (1 sq ft = 12 in x 12 in = 144 sq in). Where, 1 kilopound per square foot equals 47.8803 kilopascals.

How to Convert Atmospheres to Kilopounds Per Square Feet

Example: How many kilopounds per square feet are equivalent to 60.1 Atmospheres?


1 Atmospheres = 2.11562064 kilopounds per square feet

60.1 Atmospheres = Y kilopounds per square feet

Assuming Y is the answer, and by criss-cross principle;

Y equals 60.1 times 2.11562064 over 1

(i.e.) Y = 60.1 * 2.11562064 / 1 = 127.148800464 kilopounds per square feet

Answer is: 127.148800464 kilopounds per square feet are equivalent to 60.1 Atmospheres.

Practice Question: Convert the following units into ksf:

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( i ) 58.45 atm

( ii ) 21.86 atm

( iii ) 47.6 atm

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