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Next links will direct you to detailed information on conversion factors, equations, abbreviations and history of units. We as well provide a useful web app for unit conversion. Giving you many examples to learn how to convert between units.

It is good to know that "Conversion of Units" means calculating an eqivalent seen quantity between different units of measurement, typically through multiplication by certain factors called Conversion Factors or substitution in certain equations called Conversion Equations.

Moreover, a unit of measurement is a specific value of a quantity, specified and agreed by law between countries, that is utilized as a standard for measurement of the identical quantity. Any value of that quantity can be indicated as a modest multiple of the unit of measurement. Where, the practical application, agreement, and definition of units of measurement have impacted a basic part in human attempts from early ages up till now. Various systems of units utilized to be very common. At present, there is a global standard called the International System of Units (SI) which reference the new form of the metric system.

Length Converter

of millimeter, centimeter, meter, kilometer, inch, foot, yard, mile. It is equivalent to Height Converter, or Distance Converter, or Displacement Converter.

Area Converter

of millimeter square, centimeter square, meter square, kilometer square, inch square, foot square, yard square.

Volume Converter

of millimeter cube, centimeter cube, meter cube, milliliter cube, liter, inch cube, foot cube, US gallon, imperial gallon, US barrel oil. It is equivalent to Section Modulus Converter.

Area Moment Of Inertia Converter

of double square millimeter, double square centimeter, double square meter, double square inch, double square foot. It is equivalent to Second Moment Of Area Converter.

Weight Converter

of newton, kilonewton, gram, kilogram, metric tonne, Short ton, Long ton, pound, kilopound, Ounce, slug, atomic mass unit. It is equivalent to Force Converter, or Mass Converter.

Bending Moment Converter

of newton meter, kilonewton.meter, ton meter, pound inch, kilopound inch, pound foot, kilopound foot.

Linear Distributed Load Converter

of newton per linear meter, Kilonewton per linear meter, tonne per linear meter, pound per linear inch, kilopound per linear inch, pound per linear foot, kilopound per linear foot.

Pressure Converter

of pascal, kilopascal, megapascal, kilogram per centimeter cube, tonne per meter cube, pound per square inch, kilopound per square inch, pound per square foot, kilopound per square foot, Bar, Atmosphere, Millimeter of Mercury. It is equivalent to Stress Converter, or Strength Converter.

Density Converter

of newton per cubic meter, kilonewton per cubic meter, gram per cubic centimeter, gram per milliliter, kilogram per cubic meter, tonne per cubic meter, pound per cubic inch, pound per cubic foot, slug per cubic foot.

Time Converter

of second, minute, hour, day.

Temperature Converter

of celsius, fahrenheit, rankine, kelvin.
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