Javascript Obfuscator | Anti-Theft Protection for Javascript Source Code

Online JavaScript Obfuscator Tool supports .js & .txt (maximum file size 2MB)

A majorly free and most efficient obfuscator for JavaScript. Make your code harder to copy and prevent others from stealing your work. This tool is JavaScript Obfuscator created by AD/MSK.

What is this?

This tool converts your original JavaScript source code into a new form that's harder to understand, copy, re-use and modify without being authorized. The obfuscated code will provide the exact functionality of the original code.

Features of Tool

  • Minify/optimize/compress your code, it's a natural tool for the production environment.
  • Complicate your script code, it simply replace the original code.
  • Maintain security and improve performance, it does not use eval function.

How does the obfuscation works?

It is similar to encryption through a series of content rearrangments and replacements, including variable / function / arguments renaming, strings encoding, and others. Finaly, your source code is converted into unreadable content, meanwhile working exactly as before.

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Let's Start!

Now, copy and paste your code in the below "input" field or simply click "upload" to get your code file then click on "obfuscate". Also, go through all the lower options to adjust your protection level as needed.


Basic Options

Advanced Options


Replaced Names

To get the most out of JavaScript Obfuscator

JavaScript Obfuscator tool provides all basic and advanced features that you need to protect your JavaScript code. You can update to Premium Account to enable the advanced tools which doesn't exist elsewhere.

Don't have Premium? You're missing out on these features...

Applications Key Features
Dynamic Bytecode Encrtption: encrypt js source code so nobody can understand.
Names Obfuscation: replace names of variables and functions with obfuscated ones.
Minify: provide lower payloads.
Expiration date Setup: apply a time limit to the code functionality.
Domain Locking by Exit: the code will not work in another domains.
Domain Locking by Redirect: allow to redirect to certain webpage so can record referrer url and user trying illegal requests.
Deceive Code Generation: fake source code generation upon illegal requests.

How To Enable Premium Key Features?

1 Click Here to Sign Up Free! for a New Account

2 Log In, then Go to My Account > Add Funds to Select a Premium Recharging Card

3 Back to Application Window, suppose that the "Premium" Key Features are enabled


Why Worthy To Use The Online JavaScript & jQuery Obfuscator Tool?

JavaScript is a client-side language which make it visible to all browsers. This unfortunately means that it is visible to anyone who wants to see your code and potentially steal it. Therefore, you may need to encrypt your code and make it unreadable using one of the code protection ways which obfuscate the code using base algorithms. Mainly, it

Why may I need to obfuscate my JavaScript code?
For several reasons, such as:
Do this tool store my source code?


Can I recover the original source code from the obfuscated one?

No, it's impossible to revert the obfuscated code back to your original code, so keep the original in safe folder.

Does this tool works with jquery and Node.js source codes?


Is it possible to run the obfuscator on my own computer?

For the time being, no.

What if I got errors in the output code?

Majorly, this may be due to errors in your original code. Meanwhile, please report any bugs, fixes or suggestions to help make this tool better and remember, always keep the original code!

Version History

03 Dec 2017
12 Sep 2018
added encoding values of numbers for json
24 Feb 2019
correcting user code

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