Mohamed Sobhy
Sep 16, 2020

In this tutorial, I am going to explain and verify how to secure your JavaScript code from being copied by competitors. Definitely, after days of striving to complete your JavaScript project, it will shock you if discovered that a competitor had copied and reused your code.

Did you experience a shock after a competitor copied and reused your code?
Do you wonder how to protect your JavaScript code from being copied by competitors?

How to find the Best Solution to Secure your JavaScript Code from being Copied by Competitors?

I had searched too much to find out the best solution that could significantly make your code extremely difficult to be read as well useless if copied. Let me show you how this worked.

jquery original file without minification and re-formatting

This image shows a snapshot for how an original JavaScript project file may look like after development, it’s normally full of line breaks, white-spaces, tab indentations, comments, repeated strings, jsons, variables and extended functions.

In order to convert your code to be unreadable, we decided to perform a Conversion test on a comprehensive JavaScript project as well popular and used by most developers. Therefore, we carried out the test on the jQuery library file which constitutes the best simplified version of JavaScript (as shown above without being minified).

Steps followed to Perform a Conversion Test on original and upgraded JavaScript files

The Conversion test is to apply a series of minification and reformatting processes as follow. Where, the original JavaScript file is called as upgraded after applying minification and re-formatting. In minification, the line breaks, white-spaces, tab indentations and comments are removed. As for re-formatting, the jsons and functions are converted to better loading forms, in addition strings are encoded and moved.

Results and Conclusion of the Conversion Test on a JavaScript file

The previous image shows how your code will finally look like after completing the Conversion Test. As shown, it may take weeks for any developer to reverse the code back in order to make it readable for re-use; and so it will be better for any competitor to ask or pay you to get the original file instead. Moreover, InfoApper created the above Conversion tool with various super options that allow to:

Direct Link to the Supper Tool used to Secure the JavaScript files

I have used a fantastic tool which had been provided by InfoApper since Dec 2017, and now verified to provide users with the remarkable conversion for their JavaScript files that allows to protect and inject various controlling code or even more.

Before I give you the link of the tool, I recommend to read the Manual Guide on How to use JavaScript Promotion Tool then click next button to go to the Tool webpage:

How to Secure your JavaScript Code from being Copied by Competitors

Where, the tool freely allows you to convert your code to an unreadable form by checking the first two options in the provided Basic check list. Also, there are Advanced options that allow you to inject ready code blocks to deceive the unauthorized loaders and could be set by checking a check list lower to the Basic Options with very low monthly rates.

The above tool is also verified to provide users with a remarkable promotion for their JavaScript files that allows to boost their website load speed for higher SEO performance as explained in detail in "How to Promote JavaScript To Speed The Loading Time Of Your Webpages For Higher SEO Performance" article. As well, you could find and download upto 60%-faster jQuery Library to boost your website load speed.

Thank you for reading the above article and you welcome to leave your comments below.


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