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How To Automate

Find key blog posts that will learn you programming languages and basic programs that work on computer and/or web to automate your tedious tasks in short time and with high quality.

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Explore ready-made automation solutions for various purposes in the form of web applications.

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This forum gathers developers with users in order to share experiences in relation to automation solutions. Users post their questions and developers reply to them within their profession.

Read key blog posts to learn you basic automation programs.

Find key blog posts covering diverse informative topics to learn you about programming languages and basic programs that work on computer and/or web to carry out your tendious tasks in short time and with high quality. We aim to extend articles to provide online learning for free.


Excel is a sub program in Microsoft Office which allow to calculate parameters in spreadsheets and draw related charts.


Php is a web design programming language and itemized under server based languages. It is used with html, css and javascript to construct web pages and communicate with the database.


Javascipt is a web design programming language and itemized under browser based languages. It is used with php, html and css to control the behavior of web pages and build your own web applications.

Ready-made Automation Solutions in Web App(s)

We provide below automation solutions in form of web applications, continously follow the user requests and come out with developed web app(s) to make their dreams true. The below list include default and developed web app(s). Default ones to show our work, as well others are developed with special features than usual which enables you to accomplish your assignments, enjoy and practice new things. Web app(s) are riched with informative sections and easy to use with guiding hints.

Unit Converter

This is a great resource for unit conversions showing unit abbreviations and conversion factors.

Unique features:

  • Unit to Unit Conversion
  • Unit Definitions and Short History
  • How to convert topics
  • etc...

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Javascript Obfuscator

This is majorly free and efficient Online JavaScript Obfuscator which help developers to protect their code from being re-used or copied.

Unique features:

  • JavaScript & jQuery Obfuscation
  • Speed Code Loading upto 160%
  • Secure Code by Encryption
  • Domain Locking & Inject Custom Code
  • Verified on jQuery library
  • etc...

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Gif Maker

This is majorly free and efficient online gif generator which help users to animate their images and create a slideshow.

Unique features:

  • Time Interval Control
  • Size Control
  • No. of Loops Control
  • Instant Change Preview
  • etc...

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Photo Editor

This is majorly free and efficient online photo editor which allow users to upload and modify their pictures.

Unique features:

  • Preset and Diverse Controls
  • Change Rotation Center
  • Custom Frames
  • Reverse Stickers
  • etc...

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Math Formulas Calculator

This is a great resource for math formulas showing info, equations and how-to examples, also a webapp to calculate parameters

Unique features:

  • Instant calculator
  • How to calculate topics
  • 3D Figure with Animations
  • etc...

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Game Players Zone

This is a great free game players online zone that allow users to remotely play skill and casual games including Five In Row, Dots, Hit The Dot, Ouths and Crosses, Cow and Bull, and more is comming.

Unique features:

  • Two remote players playing
  • Chating while playing
  • etc...

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Ask Community

Ask questions and Share knowledge with Community

Find below recent posts for automation solutions with questions and answers by community. You can search in past threads or post new question about your assignment with detailed description, and always could mark your question as request. Sharing knowledge are highly appreciated by answering on others questions, and in return awards will be decided.

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